How Much Cheese on a Pizza? (Quick Answer & Guide)

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An ideal 12-inch pizza needs 4 ounces of sliced fresh mozzarella and 4 ounces of shredded mozzarella cheese.

How Much Cheese on a Pizza

Besides, if you want a 4-cheese pizza offering various cheese flavors, you can put 6 ounces of each shredded Parmesan, shredded mozzarella cheese, shredded Asiago, and shredded Monterey Jack.

Different types of pizza cheeses:

Cheese is one of the common ingredients for any pizza, and we need to use an ideal amount of cheese to achieve the right flavor. There is a wide variety of pizza cheese offering different unique tastes and flavors. Here are some common cheese types-


Mozzarella cheese

One of the most popular and best kinds of fresh cheese is mozzarella. Italy is the birthplace of this cheese and making mozzarella is a simple process. This cheese is made from cow’s milk.

Besides, mozzarella is cherished for its perfect consistency and juicy flavor. It is versatile enough to use in making pizza, meat, salad, and vegetable recipes.


Gruyere cheese

The name of this semi-soft cheese comes from a Swiss village. This cheese’s rough texture is pitted with holes and has a brownish rind. You will experience a fruity flavor while eating. It is pretty grainy and dense. Gruyere is often used in pasta dishes, salads, and soups and is also eaten with bread.


Parmesan cheese

One of the most commonly eaten cheeses is Parmesan over the world. It has a nutty, fruity flavor and a hard, crumbly texture. It is made from cow’s raw milk, and its color is pale yellow. People use it widely in a grated form over pizzas, soups, kinds of pasta, risotto, and other snacks.


Provolone cheese

This type of cheese is widely related to mozzarella. Provolone is a semi-hard Italian cheese that is used mainly in conjunction with both mozzarella and Parmigiano-Reggiano.


Cheddar cheese

Cheddar is an English term that refers to cheese, that originated in England. Its making process is unique from others as it is prepared to extend the life span of milk’s perishable proteins. The cheddar is versatile. It blends so perfectly with different pizza toppings like ham, pepperoni, and pineapple. Cheddar comes in deep orange color, which gives your pizza a sharp look.

Goat cheese

Goat cheese

This cheese is made from goat milk. This goat milk which has a high nutrient content is highly recommendable. Goat milk takes more time to thaw than provolone and mozzarella. However, this goat cheese melts more quickly than any other cheese in an oven when preheated. You can try it with a pizza of caramelized onion.

Aged Havarti

The most buttery and creamy, rich aroma cheese is the aged Havarti. We call it “Aged” because it takes 12 months to be ready and form its crystals.


limburger cheese

This cheese comes in cubes or bricks and has a reddish or light color. Limburger is also famous for its smell, and you can smell it miles from where the cheese is opened. We use Penicillium species, and bacteria to ripen it and give it its texture.

Portsalute cheese

Portsalute cheese

The Portsalute cheese is originally from France and is also famous as Trappist cheese. It comes from cow’s milk and is semi-soft. It comes with an orange coating and a significantly pale yellow color with a smooth surface. We usually use it in fruits and crackers, but you can also use it in any pizzas.

Cream cheese

Cream cheese

Cream cheese is produced from unripe cheese. Mainly it is a combination of cream and milk that features a soft and smooth texture with a vibrant flavor. It’s commonly used for sandwiches and also for making cheesecake and pizza.

The correct cheese measurement for an ideal pizza

For an evening snack, you will need a 12-inch pizza. For a perfect 12 inches pizza, you need to use around 4-5 ounces of mozzarella. But those who want to treat themself to some extra cheesy pizza after passing a busy day, then they can add an ounce or two of mozzarella to the base of the pizza.

Pizza for the whole squad

You will need 6 to 7 oz of cheese for a 14 inches cheesy pizza, either of a specific one or a mix of several. Besides, you can add around 9 oz to the base to prepare a cheese burst pizza.

Pizza for gatherings and crazy times

If you’re having a home party, you’re going to need a large pizza. The 16 inches and 18 inches of gooey madness are perfect for these small gatherings. To enjoy the best flavor, you’ll need approximately 10 to 11 ounces of cheese to muddle a regular 16 inches pizza.

New York-style Pizza

This tasty pizza features mozzarella with tomato sauce, where you will enjoy a variety of toppings, including- pepperoni, oregano, chili flakes, mushrooms, and drizzles of Parmesan.

Questions and Answers

How much cheese should be on a pizza? (size-wise)

Here we will discuss the quantity of cheese in different sizes of pizzas.

How much cheese should be on a 12-inch pizza?

It is considered a medium-sized pizza. You will need 4-5 ounces of cheese for this size pizza.

How much cheese should be on a 14-inch pizza?

6 to 7 ounces of cheese is the standard for a 14-inch pizza. But you can use more than one type of cheese in this pizza also. This pizza is large enough for 3-5 people.

How much cheese should be on a 16-inch pizza?

It is considered the best extra-large pizza. This pizza is cut into 12 slices and is ideal for your whole squad. For a 16 inches pizza, you can add 10 or 12 ounces of cheese.


We hope we have guided your way to making the best cheesy pizza. To enjoy the best outcome, always remember to add the freshest and most flavorful cheese to the pizza that you have around you.

Therefore, it is crucial to select the right cheese for your pizza. If you go through this article, you will indeed find the specific idea of giving cheese to your favorite pizza.

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