Are Aluminum Pizza Pans Safe? The Quick Answer & Guide!

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Consuming aluminum is going to cause long-term health effects. Cooking food can transfer aluminum to the food and sometimes make it toxic. So, are aluminum pizza pans safe?

Are Aluminum Pizza Pans Safe

The amount of aluminum you consume in your food is considered safe for health, as the CDC states. Especially if you have an aluminum pan to bake pizza that is completely safe to eat, you may not consider it for cooking acidic food and leafy vegetables.

Is the answer buzzing in your mind? Reading this article can clarify everything you need regarding aluminum cookware for baking pizza and other foods.

The Dangers of Aluminum: What are They?

Indeed aluminum is a light metal. To describe the danger of aluminum, I need to take help from the CDC studies that explain some crucial information about consuming aluminum.

According to them, aluminum is a super-reactive metal used to make beverage cans, pots, pans, and foil. And consuming a large amount of aluminum can cause lung problems, kidney disease, brain diseases, etc.

While a small amount of aluminum is not an issue for adults, it could be severe for children. Also, consuming too much aluminum during pregnancy can cause birth defects.

Consuming more than 1mg/kg body weight of a human is considered a danger to health. And when it comes to a baby’s health, consuming more than 59 micrograms/kg of body weight can cause severe damage.

But how are you consuming aluminum? When you are cooking food on an aluminum pan, it transfers a small amount of aluminum to your food. And you eat that without knowing. However, when it comes to any acidic food or leafy vegetables, it can go worst. The acid reacts with aluminum and can make your food toxic. Also, it damages the cookware.

How to Use an Aluminum Pizza Pan?

I can give you thousands of ways to use an aluminum pizza pan and make it bland to read. So, I rather explain the essential part that you should know. Let’s assume you know how to make pizza dough. Otherwise, you can get a readymade dough.

Spray nonstick cooking spray on the pan while putting it on the stove. I prefer using a tablespoon of olive oil. And this is efficient for me. But, you can use your preferred cooking oil. It will ensure the pizza crust does not stick to the pan.

After covering the pan with a layer of oil, let it warm for a minute. Then, put your pizza dough on the pan and add toppings.

Quick reminder: Use medium or low heat to bake pizza properly without burning the bottom side. When the pizza crust becomes golden, it is ready to eat.

Stainless steel or Aluminum pizza pan

Despite knowing aluminum pizza pan is safe, you may consider stainless steel pan to bake pizza. Then it is not about health safety anymore – there are a few things that you need to consider for choosing a pizza pan.

It wouldn’t be a smart idea to buy a pan that is just able to bake pizza. Instead, you need to choose a pan that you can use for other baking stuff. However, stainless steel and aluminum pans are both good for baking multiple foods.

Well, aluminum is known for even heat distribution, ensuring proper baking. Also, aluminum is lightweight.

On the other hand, stainless steel is strong and durable, but some cases of burning pizza are due to uneven heat distribution.

Stainless steel is the best option for you if you need a durable pan that lasts for a long time. And you can get the best quality, well-made pan from stainless steel that can distribute heat better. On the contrary, you will get quality aluminum pans too. These are also meant to last for a long time.

So, what is the answer? You can use an aluminum or stainless steel pizza pan that you prefer. As long as the pan is coated well and ensures baking pizza without burning the bottom, it is a safe choice for you. And getting a quality pizza pan is the right choice.

Yet, I would suggest you use aluminum pans for baking pizza. It will provide heat evenly and is quite more affordable than stainless steel.

Related FAQs

Is aluminum safe for baking?

Yes, aluminum is safe for baking. Perhaps it is safe for cooking most foods, except acidic food. Unless you are cooking acidic food, the amount of aluminum that can leach into your food is safe for your health.

Is aluminum foil toxic when heated?

No, it does not make food toxic. But, it is true aluminum mixes into the food when wrapped with aluminum foil. Yet, it is not the superior cause of your health hazard.

Does aluminum leach into food?

Yes, it does. But you can count it as toxic. The amount of aluminum that gets into the food is not considered a health issue. However, cooking acidic food and leafy vegetables can not be possible with aluminum cookware. The acid reacts quickly with the aluminum and makes food toxic, along with damaging the cookware.

What are the symptoms of aluminum toxicity?

If you are feeling muscle weakness, getting issues speaking properly, or having pain in the bone, aluminum toxicity could be the prime reason behind it.


I hope you are now free of misconceptions regarding aluminum cookware. So, are aluminum pizza pans safe? Indeed, perhaps the better solution for baking something with evenly distributed heat. However, you should consider it only for cooking non-acidic foods.

Also, get the best-quality pan that you can use for multiple baking purposes. And it will also ensure long-lasting as well. In addition, you should well-coated pan that helps to bake pizza without sticking it on the pan. That was all about using aluminum pans for baking pizza.

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