How to Reheat Pizza in a Pan: The Ultimate Guide!

Restraining yourself from eating the entire pizza is a healthy decision. However, without proper storage, the cold pizza can lose all of its taste and make you guilty. You’d be guilty for not eating the pizza unless you know the way to resurrect the pizza again.

In this case, reheating a pizza in a pan can do the job better. When you reheat the pizza, the cheese and toppings get alive, and your pizza crust gets crunchy again. In this article, let’s walk through how to reheat pizza in a pan.

What you need

Indeed you need a pan to reheat the pizza. And I recommend using a nonstick pan which ensures even heat without sticking the pizza on the pan. However, using an iron skillet can also be compatible if you feel comfortable.

Some of you may suggest reheating pizza in the oven. Using a stove can do this one step better than the oven. And when you are using a pan, a stove is a convenient choice.

Moreover, you need some aluminum foil paper to cover the pizza while heating it. But, it is an optional choice that can enhance the taste of your pizza and make it soft from top to bottom.

So, you need three things to reheat pizza in a pan.

  1. A pan
  2. Stove
  3. Aluminum foil paper

Step by Step Guide On How to Reheat pizza in a Pan

Once you have arranged all the necessary equipment, you can start reheating your pizza. Let’s follow these steps to do that.

Step 1: Preheat the Pan

Putting your leftover pizza on the pan and then turning on the stove is not a good idea. To preserve the pizza taste, let’s preheat the pan first. Put your stove on medium heat and preheat the pan for a minute.

However, make sure not to make the pan too hot. Otherwise, it can burn the bottom part of the pizza without heating the entire pizza.

Step 2: Reheat Your Pizza

After warming the pan, put your pizza on the pan and reduce the heat. Now, wait 3-4 minutes to reheat the pizza. How long you put the pizza on the pan depends on your stove and pan thickness. However, you can adjust that on your own.

Once your pizza becomes crunchy, lower the heat and add two-three drops of water to the corner of the pan. It will ensure pizza does not stick to the pan.

Step 3: Cover With Aluminum Foil Paper

While heating from the bottom, it will take time to reheat the top layer. Especially your toppings and cheese may not become soft enough. So, if you try to provide heat for a long time, it can damage the bottom layer. And here comes the aluminum foil with an easy solution.

Cover the pan with aluminum foil to distribute the temperature better. And it will make the top layer soft again. And you will see the stretchable cheese like a newly baked pizza.

Wait around three minutes in this process. However, do not increase the temperature. Low heat is enough to make your top layer soft again, while you can cover it with aluminum foil.

However, if you do not have aluminum foil paper, covering it with a lid will do the job. Yet, I prefer aluminum foil to enhance the taste and bring out all the flavor live.

These procedures are enough to make your pizza leftover delicious again. And you will be able to enjoy it better than before.

Necessary Tips For Reheating A Leftover Pizza

If you want to enjoy your leftover pizza later, you need to follow some tips to ensure your pizza’s taste and crunchiness. And it all begins with the proper storing procedure.

  • When one or more pizza slices are left after eating them, you need to store them properly. And that will ensure the better taste of your pizza no matter when you want to reheat and eat that.
  • Cover your leftover pizza slices with plastic wrap. Also, you can use a reusable bag. However, do not spoil the top layer where topping and cheese can get attached to the plastic. Now put it into the fridge and store for 2-3 days.
  • When you need to reheat the pizza, wait for a few minutes after taking it out of the fridge. It will bring the pizza to room temperature and make the pizza soft again.
  • If you do not want to take the risk of sticking pizza on the bottom of the pan, use some olive oil. Usually, a nonstick pan never fails, but why should you take the risk?
  • Always adjust the temperature according to your stove and pan. If you are using a thicker pan, it will take time to get warm. However, then it will remain hot for a long time. So, after warming the pan, reduce the temperature to ensure it does not burn the bottom layer.
  • If you cover the pan with aluminum foil, make sure to use gloves to stay safe. Otherwise, the heat of the aluminum foil can burn your skin easily.
  • You can flip the pizza upside down and wait for a while to melt the cheese. And flip it again to reheat the bottom layer.
  • Also, you can add some cheese to enhance the taste of your pizza.

Related FAQs

What is the best method for reheating pizza?

Instead of using your microwave oven, you should use a pan and stove to reheat the pizza. And it is the best way to reheat pizza without getting soggy. Moreover, it is a faster method than the oven.

How long is leftover pizza good for?

It may not remain good for more than a few hours at room temperature. However, if you put it into the fridge while the temperature is lower than 40°F, it can remain good for up to four days.

Is it OK to eat cold pizza from the fridge?

It is up to your preference. You can do that if you like to eat cold pizza from the fridge. And it is completely safe. However, when you reheat the pizza, it brings back the genuine taste of the pizza. So, if you want to enjoy a delicious pizza, you should reheat the pizza rather than eat cold pizza.

How do you keep pizza warm for a party?

If you want to keep pizza warm, keep it at around 150°F temperature. After receiving the pizza box, put it into the oven and turn the oven to a lower possible temperature.


That was all about how to reheat pizza in a pan. It is better to reheat your pizza than to eat a cold tasteless pizza. Whether you are using a pan or iron skillet, make sure to follow the steps that can ensure a better taste of your pizza. Also, follow the tips that I have shared to enhance the taste of your pizza.

Some people may find the oven a convenient choice. Well, it may be for other food, but pizza. Using a pan with moderate heat can bring back the pizza best.