How Many Pizzas for 30 People? Depends on the Appetites!

Pizza is one of the best ways to keep everyone happy and satisfied in a large group. Suppose you’re planning to host a pizza party for a large group of 30 people; then you will have questions like how many slices each person will eat and how much pizza will be needed.

Usually, every person usually consumes two slices of pizza at a party. So, for 30 people, you will need 60 slices of pizza. That means you will need to order 15 medium or 10 large pizzas.

How Many Pizzas for 30 People

However, the eating patterns may differ if adults and children are included in the group. Also, you can add more pizzas to your pizza menu. With this addition, you can win everyone’s hearts, and everyone will be delighted after eating.

How to Calculate How Much Pizza to Buy For a Group

Before calculating how many pizzas you need to buy for a group, you must consider knowing a few things:

  • How many people are in your group?
  • How many kids are there in the group?
  • How many people are going to eat just one piece?
  • How many times can you count as you eat slice after slice?

Keep these things in mind before ordering; with some precise math, you can find out how many pizzas you need.

How Many Slices are On a Pizza?

Before ordering pizza, you need to confirm the number of pizza slices as it varies between pizza providers. The number of slices based on the size of the pizza:

  • Each small (8 to 10-inch) pizza has 6 slices.
  • Each 12-inch pizza has 8 slices (medium).
  • Each large 14-inch pizza has 10 slices.
  • Each extra-large (16 to 18-inch) pizza has 12 slices.

Figuring Out How Much Pizza to Order

How many pizzas to order will depend on the number and type of people. Because many people, such as children, can eat less than others, everything must be considered when ordering. It is thoroughly discussed:

Ordering for Adults Vs Kids

The intakes of adults and children are very different. You have to order pizza for your function keeping these aspects in mind. If you order a standard pie, adults will eat about 3 slices, and children will eat 2 slices.

And if you buy a small pie, adults get 4 slices each, and kids get 3 slices. And for your own family, order according to how many pieces they can eat according to their eating habits.

Ordering for a Crowd

If you are ordering pizza for a large group, you will need to be calculated based on the number of guests to eat. Each slice of pizza typically contains 1/8 of the pie, so each adult will consume 3 slices. To calculate faster, multiply the total number of guests by 3/8. Below is a cheat sheet for the larger groups:

However, many have experienced eating more than most. Besides, others may eat more than one slice of pizza due to hunger. So instead of ordering a certain amount of pizza, it’s better to order a few more, and everyone will be satisfied.

What are the Best Toppings to Order for a Group?

Customizable is one of the best aspects of pizza. In this, you can choose the best toppings according to your choice and load the pizza. Otherwise, pizza is the best choice if you are hosting a party and want to set a menu to everyone’s liking.

Doing this allows you to order pizzas for people with different tastes according to their preferred toppings. You can ask guests about their desired toppings in advance to avoid disappointment.

This way, everyone will be pleased, and they can choose the slices of their favorite toppings.

Below are some popular toppings:

  • BBQ Chicken
  • Ham and pineapple
  • Pepperoni and sausage
  • Margherita (mozzarella, basil, and tomato sauce)
  • Cheese and mushrooms

Now you order the pizza and enjoy it with everyone.

How to Save Money On Pizza for a Large Group

Pizza is basically an affordable, delicious, and excellent source of food. It is ideal for any party, gathering, or group event. Suppose you want to save money by ordering pizza for a large group within your budget. So for this, you need to know about some aspects.

Below are some instructions:

  • One way to save money is to order a larger size pizza. Because if you order small pizza, you have to pay VAT separately for each pizza. Additionally, you can save money by ordering extra-large pizzas.
  • Another way is to check pizza offers on different sites while buying pizza online. By doing this, you can get good pizza on a low budget through online coupons or deals. Furthermore, you can get one free with another through a discount.
  • You can easily make pizza at home in less time. For your convenience, many recipe videos online will help you a lot.
  • You have the option to choose pickup over delivery. Because it will cost half of it if you go and bring it, so for this, you need to check in advance about those shops because they already have service providers.
  • If you want to order a good-sized pizza on a budget, the quality of the pizza may not be as good. So for the quality of the pizza, you can pay a little extra to get a good size pizza that will fit your budget.

However, this will help you save money for your next big gathering. Now, you have to enjoy your fun moments with your friend with every slice of pizza.

Related FAQs

How Many People Can Eat A Family Pizza?

Family Pizza can be the perfect addition to your family. The size of this pizza is 16 inches in diameter. If your family is big, 10 adults can eat this pizza together. And if the family is small, there will be leftovers you can eat the next day too.

How Many Does A 12-Pizza Feed?

A 12-inch pizza is great for 4 to 6 people. Even if each person eats two slices, there will be leftovers. And if you are planning to eat more than 6 people, then you will need a bigger pizza, like 14 inches or more.


Pizza is one thing that makes your special day more exciting. In addition, if you want to serve pizza at your event, many questions about pizza, including how much pizza is needed for a large group of people and how many slices to cut per pizza, will hit your mind.

I hope you have gotten all such questions answered from this article.

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