A Quick Guide to How Many Slices Of Pizza Should I Eat

The number of pizza slices you can eat depends on your appetite and health condition. But according to food researchers, one can have 3-6 slices of pizza at a time. Pizza is an Italian dish that serves great as a meal or snack. Pizza is trendy among people of all ages for various reasons. But one big reason behind its popularity is its customization ability. From toppings to crust, you can customize every bit of it according to your preference.

Find which pizza will Fit You Best?

A pizza comes in different sizes: Lil pie, small, medium, large, and extra-large. For better understanding, the size in inches is also given:

  • Lil pie – 6″:
  • Small – 10″
  • Medium – 13″
  • Large – 15″
  • Extra-large – 18″

(The sizes can vary from restaurant to restaurant)

  • A Lil pie is good enough for 1-person. It makes 3- slices.
  • 2- people can share a small pizza. It makes 6- pieces. But if you have a good appetite, you can even have it all by yourself.
  • A medium pizza is suitable as a meal for 2-people and 3-people as a snack between meals.
  • A large pizza is fair enough for 3-people as a meal and 4-5 people as a snack or appetizer.
  • Similarly, an extra-large pizza serves 5-6 people making 12-15 slices.

How many slices of pizza should I eat on a diet?

Pizza is considered a healthy food as you can customize it according to your diet. One or two pizza slices aren’t something you should worry about while on a diet. Also, it isn’t cumbersome on your calorie count. A medium pizza contains around 300 calories, and expert nutrients say that an adult needs 1400 calories a day, even on the strictest diet.

So don’t starve your pizza cravings because of your diet. But there are certainly some ways to make your pizza diet-friendly. For instance, using whole wheat and gluten-free crust or shifting to a thinner crust can help you reduce some carbs. A vegetable and herbal pizza can also be a good option.

Choosing chicken over pepperoni for more protein and less sodium intake and avoiding extra cheese to reduce fat consumption will also go a long way to combining pizza into your diet. Keeping the popularity of pizza in mind, they even came up with vegetable crust pizza for people on a diet. It is also true that you cannot eat your regular pizza every day and lose weight simultaneously.

Pizza VS Diabetes

Pizza contains starch and frequently a reasonable setup of carbs, which will raise your glucose. Individuals with diabetes can enjoy a wide range of pizzas without an issue. Notwithstanding, it’s perfect for everyone and those with diabetes to restrict their number of pizza slices.

Pizza VS Allergies

Around 235 million people worldwide suffer from allergy diseases, and the allergic food list is vast. So you can face an allergic reaction after having a slice of pizza.

For instance, few pizzas contain shellfish, prawns, and mushrooms. Others contain wheat, milk, eggs, fish, peanuts, and soybeans, which are allergic to many people. Also, many people are lactose intolerant which leads them to discomfort after having a slice of cheese pizza.

Pizza VS Cholesterol

It’s okay to eat pizza even if you have elevated cholesterol levels as long as you remember that not all pizzas are something similar. For instance, you might partition pizzas into two classes: super handled pizza and Valid Italian-style pizza that is made with crisp ingredients.

Baking your pizza adds no fat, yet profound searing structures of trans fats increment bad cholesterol levels and coronary illness risk. Settle on traditional Italian-style pizza.

Valid Italian-style pizzas are more nutritious than the inexpensive food alternative. You don’t need to remove the cheese from your eating regimen, yet utilize high-fat cheeses sparingly if you have elevated cholesterol or pulse.

Pizza VS Pregnancy

It’s common to wonder whether you can eat processed food like pizza during pregnancy. But pizza is considered safe for pregnant ladies as well. All you need to focus on is the cheese.

If the cheese used in your pizza is pasteurized, you can have it without any doubt. It would be best if you remembered that pregnancy isn’t labeled as a disease. It’s just a physical state where you need to be more conscious about your health and habits.

What is thin crust pizza?

Thin crust pizza or Slender hull pizza is any pizza heated with an exceptionally slim or leveled mixture. Bar and Chicago-style pizzas are the most common thin-crust pizza in the United States.

How many types of pizzas are there?

It’s tough to state all the types of pizza, but these are the most common styles of pizza: Marinara, Margherita, Neapolitan, Chicago, New York, Greek, and Sicilian. There can be more varieties around the globe.

What is the best flavor of pizza?

The best pizza varies from man to man. Some might like sausage and bacon, whereas others might like pepperoni. But pepperoni pizza is the most sold pizza worldwide, which makes it the most popular one among all.

Final Verdict

Stuffing food can’t exist. An eating habit with a balanced calorie intake excess is beneficial. There’s no ideal number of pizza slices to consume. But one or two pieces won’t cause you any harm. You can eat it keeping a healthy and balanced diet to stay fit. Assuming you love pizza, you can work around your calorie objectives with the goal that you can, in any case, enjoy a cut one or two times each week.