Top 5 Best Pizza Boxes for Awesome Leftovers

Everyone, even our pets, is familiar with pizza boxes as well as their actual sizes. Nearly all pizzas are delivered or picked up in a box. This product is responsible for keeping your pizza with zesty tomato sauce and gooey melted cheese safe during transit.

Pizza Box

The primary purpose of these boxes is to keep the snacks fresh and hot for us. However, it can come in handy for promoting your business or pizzeria. These boxes are available in different sizes and shapes to allow you to customize these cardboards to your style and taste, from adding bizarre taglines, and hip-printed sketches to tacky color schemes.

Sadly, the sheer number of options on the market makes it challenging to find good-quality pizza boxes to deliver freshly baked snacks to your customers.

Luckily, we’ve reviewed the top 5 best pizza boxes and included a detailed guide to ensure you make an informed decision.

Advantages of Using Pizza Boxes

Here, we’ll consider the role the pizza boxes play and the edge pizza packaging offers

Protect freshly baked pizza

The main benefit of packaging your pizza for delivery is to protect it from external factors such as dust. The best pizza box provides you with peace of mind with the delivery. Each slide retains its position without quilling up into one another. And most importantly, these boxes keep the pizza fresh for an extended period to provide your customers with savory plumes of steam as they open the box and dig in.

Customer Satisfaction

Delivering hot, freshly baked pizzas to your customers projects your brand as an authority in this space. Hence, increase your chances of having recurrent customers. There is no better way to present your customers with their favorite pizza than a quality pizza box housing and protecting their food. It’s a sure way of leaving your customers impressed, satisfied, and willing to stick with your brand.

Brand marketing

While there are many ways to get your brand in front of people, pizza boxes are also a great way to create the perfect brand image in people’s eyes. Good food with poor packaging might just ruin your reputation and cause you to incur more loss. A quality pizza box helps you treat your customers special and build trust.


Pizza boxes are made of cardboard, making them a cheaper way of packaging your freshly baked goods without compromising the food’s quality. Plus, they are available in bulk to allow you to save more.

Pizza Boxes Reviews

1. White Cardboard 12×12 Pizza Boxes

White Cardboard 12x12 Pizza Boxes

Earning our top spot on this list is the White Cardboard 12×12 Pizza Boxes from Here to There Packaging. This product is a 12 x 12 inches pizza box. However, it’s available in other size options to cater to your packaging needs – 10″ x 10″, 12″ x 12″, 14″ x 14″, 16″ x 16″, and 18″ X 18″. It comes in a pack of 50 and is made in the USA with corrugated cardboard materials.

These SFI-certified cardboard boxes come with a clean look without any printing to allow business owners to customize their pizza boxes to style. You can stamp or print your own logo on white cardboard.

On top of that, these one-piece corrugated boxes take only a few seconds to fold into shape. The best part of it all, is you don’t need stables, glue, or tape. The manufacturer included a step-by-step pictorial guide.

Equally important, these boxes are shipped flat to maximize space and cut shipping costs significantly. When it comes to quality and customizable pizza boxes for your pizzeria, you found the right options already – White Cardboard 12×12 Pizza Boxes.


  • Suitable for e-commerce, pizzerias, and gift packaging
  • Bundle of 50
  • Clean off-white exterior
  • Easy to fold


  • The packaging could be better

2. Spec101 Kraft Mini Pizza Boxes

Spec101 Kraft Mini Pizza Boxes

Spec101 Kraft Mini Pizza Boxes are arguably the best pizza boxes for personal-sized pizzas. Yes, they are not designed for holding your party-sized, large pizzas. These 5-inch cardboard boxes are best used for packaging cookies, small-sized pizzas, pies, and other home-baked goods.

It’s a pack of 10, and each box is crafted with kraft brown corrugated cardboard, which makes it safe to come in contact with your food. While it seems the Spec101 Kraft Mini Pizza Boxes is designed with a home pizza party in mind, some small business owners claim it comes in handy for take-out deliveries.

With the kraft clean brown color finish, it’s perfect for printing or stamping your brand’s logo for a personal touch and professional look. For home parties, you can easily decorate these mini pizza boxes with markers, labels, or stickers for a fun-filled party.

In addition, they are shipped flat for cheaper shipping costs and easy storage. Spec101 Kraft Mini Pizza Boxes feature pre-scored lines, which we find handy for quick and convenient folding.


  • Pack of 10
  • Easy to fold
  • Clean brown finish
  • Suitable for parties and small pizzas


  • Best suited for small business

3. Kraft Mini 5-Inch Pizza Boxes

Kraft Mini 5-Inch Pizza Boxes

Similar to our runner-up, these mini boxes are from Chica and Jo. They are a set of eight 5-inch cardboard boxes to hold and protect mini pizzas, wedding favors, party favors, cookies, jewelry gifts, and many more. You might not want to go for these options if you intend to package your large pizzas.

Both the interior and exterior feature the smooth kraft brown finish, which looks great and can be better by adding your logo, funky taglines, stickers, etc. further, it’s crafted with corrugated cardboard, giving us an insight into how durable and sturdy it these boxes are when folded.

Talking about folding, each box comes with scored lines for a straightforward assembling experience. Plus, it’s made in the USA and shipped flat for a low-cost shipping fee.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Smooth kraft finish
  • Pack of 8 5-inch boxes
  • Suitable for mini pizzas
  • Made in the USA


  • Best used as a simple storage solution

4. Olympic Paper Pizza Slice Boxes

Olympic Paper Pizza Slice Boxes

The Olympic Paper Pizza Slice Boxes is a perfect addition to any food truck, wedding, or catered event for an unforgettable twist. These unique triangular mini pizza boxes come with a clear film window to allow you to see the toppings,

Measuring 10 x 9 x 1.875 inches, these pizza slice boxes from Olympak have enough room to accommodate one of the 8 slices of a 16 or 18-inch pizza. These single-use cardboard boxes feature a polyline interior to attenuate moisture transfer. Besides, you can use the wedge pizza boxes to hold large cookies or pie slices.

Even better, it can be a fantastic, convenient way to serve your pizza slices to your guests or customers. Still, on its versatility, Olympak Paper Pizza Slice Boxes come in handy for holding various food items like cheesecakes, cookies, steak, pies, and other non-liquid items meeting the size requirement.

Needless to say, this product comes in a pack of 250 and ships flat for a low shipping fee and easy storage. Thanks to its easy pop-up construction, each slice box is a breeze to fold.


  • Excellent workmanship
  • Polylined for minimal moisture transfer
  • Sturdy cardboard construction
  • Multipurpose design
  • Easy view window
  • Easy to fold


  • Not suitable for anyone looking to add some personal touch

5. PacknWood Square Cardboard Mini Pizza Box

PacknWood Square Cardboard Mini Pizza Box

Wrapping up our list of the best pizza boxes is another mini pizza box from PacknWood. They are made from cardboard paper and perfect for hot and cold foods, thanks to their grease-resistant, microwave, and recyclable properties.

These mini pizza boxes come in the ideal snack size for delivering foods such as buffalo wings, cookies, mini pizzas, and more. The PacknWood Square Cardboard Mini Pizza Box adds an exciting touch to your treat or snack.

Even so, they are sturdy, durable cardboard containers with a built-in lid to help secure your freshly baked goods for easy storage or worry-free transportation. Unlike Olympic Paper Pizza Slice Boxes, this manufacturer offers a blank surface to allow you to customize the mini pizza boxes with your pizzeria or business logo, funky taglines, or decal stickers.

That’s not all: it’s a set of 500 mini cardboard containers, each measuring 3.5 x 3.5 x 0.8-inches. What we love most about the PacknWood Square Cardboard Mini Pizza Box is its eco-friendly construction, including only bamboo, paper, recyclable and recycled plastic.


  • Pack of 500
  • Easy to customize
  • Made with natural and organic materials
  • Eco-Friendly design


  • Assembling these boxes can be challenging

What Need To Know When Buy A Pizza Box

The best pizza box should make packaging your non-liquid items easy and secure. To wit, here are key factors to consider when shopping for the right cardboard for your business or restaurant.

Price & Quality

There are a sheer number of options with different price tags. So, before purchasing pizza boxes, you should determine how much you’re willing to splurge on cardboard containers.

While you might be tempted to settle for cheaper boxes, it’s important to remember that these boxes will represent your brand. The best options for you have to be sturdy enough to keep the freshly baked pizzas or goods safe without ruining the experience for your customers.

Therefore, we recommend investing in top-quality pizza boxes designed to cater to your packaging needs without breaking the bank.


Another factor you don’t want to ignore is the cardboard strength. You want durable and strong cardboard capable of holding the food for as long as possible. You will likely be stacking these boxes over one another for delivery; this is where strength is much needed. Besides, you don’t want to deliver a messy package to your customers.

Regardless of the price tag, you want to stick with durable, strong cardboard to handle whatever is thrown at it.


By now, you should have figured out that there are several types of pizza boxes designed for a specific purpose. For instance, if you are looking to serve slices of pizzas, you should stick with the wedge, triangular pizza boxes.

On the other hand, large pizza boxes might be the best bet for pizzerias serving up 12-inch pizzas. Furthermore, a business or restaurant might want to settle for boxes with a clean finish to allow you to add a special touch to your brand’s logo, taglines, or stickers.


When it comes to pizza boxes, we recommend splurging on reusable and recyclable containers. Not every pizza box is created the same; some are recyclable, others are not – which is one of the main concerns about pizza packaging.

Plus, your customers might not want to stick with a business or pizzeria using non-recyclable boxes, which increases their footprint and causes a mess.

Pizza Boxes Questions & Answered

Do pizza boxes affect the taste of baked goods?

Definitely not. The key benefit of pizza boxes is to keep the food healthy and warm for an extended period for a sumptuous meal in the comfort of their homes.

Can I reuse these boxes?

The best pizza box should be eco-friendly and suitable for recycling or reuse. Plus, it’s an economical option.

What can I do with my leftover pizza boxes?

You can try lots of DIY projects like laptop stands, cat beds, wall art, table soccer set, outdoor birds nest, tic-tac-toe board, etc.

Do pizza boxes contain PFCs?

Some pizza boxes contained the FDA-banned chemical called PFCs. If you want a healthy meal, you might also want to steer clear of cardboard containers, including any of these chemicals.


All in all, the best pizza box for your business depends on your taste, budget, and intended use. You would be better off with mini pizza boxes for parties or serving your customer’s pizza slices. On the other hand, our top choice, White Cardboard 12×12 Pizza Boxes, is available in different sizes from 10 x 10-inches to 18 x 18-inches for protecting large pizzas without a fuss.

Hopefully, our curated list and comprehensive guide will help you make the right decision.

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